Why Seamless Composites are the way to go?

Why Seamless Composites are the way to go?

Creating composite materials is the act of combining two or more materials with desired characteristics to come up with a specific combination of qualities and quality. When creating composites the idea is to create a unique structure that is built to certain specifications while maintaining integrity in the structure. Cutting composite material and re-attaching it by using rivets or other methods is common but in my opinion counter-intuitive because you are taking a form that is meant to be strong and weakening it when you cut it.

In my research and years of studying and performing the process of creating composites for yachts, aircraft and many other pieces of equipment I was always bothered by having to cut the material in order for it to fit together. So I decided to come up with a plan. I came up with a plan and then I developed a process to create large monolithic composites that require little to no cutting. This method not only maintains structural integrity but is a way to come up with better engineered designs that may require more thought initially but in the end will be a higher quality product with less areas of potential failure.

Imagine the difference in safety when going to very extreme depths in a cockpit made from the same composite materials but one is pieced together by rivets or some other means of fastening as opposed to one that is completely solid with no seams. The choice is obvious, the strength of the seamless composite material is miles above a piece that has been fastened together using multiple different pieces.

I am available to go over ideas and plans that would benefit from my process at any time. Please contact me using the contact form on the homepage of my website Marcscomposites.com, based out of Clearwater Florida.

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