Frequently Asked Questions: 

A frequently asked question about this process is "What kind of applications could you see this used for?"

I have thought about that quite a bit and the truth is the practical uses are limitless. With the increased strength of the structure and straightforward process, I have a hard time thinking of situations It wouldn't be useful in.

Of the many uses one of the applications I consider the most are the uses in our Armed Forces. This process could be used in both offensive and defensive applications of weapons systems one such instance could be unmanned drones, both underwater and air.

This process could also be used to mold larger than capacity structures launched with future space-going rockets as well as habitats used in space as living quarters. These molds can be assembled in space like the current international space station, the bladder with the carbon fiber attached to it can be folded and will fit into a launch vehicle. Inflammation of the bladder can simply be done by introducing water as in the echo one space ballon.

Nuclear waste could also be neatly molded into a sphere and disposed of into the Puerto Rican trench or the Mississippi Delta where it would be quickly covered with silt.