• Skilled in all forms of laminating composites, as evident by my 3 patents.
  • Industrial electrical wiring
  • Wiring electrical sensors, proximity sensors, photo sensors, code readers, and real Industrial computers
  • Industrial computers, writing ladder codes
  • Building and repairing electrical systems using marine applications
  • Installing electronics of all types and In many situations
  • All forms of MIG, TIG, and stick welding - this helps with making jigs and fixtures
  • Machine work, lathe, and milling machines
  • I also have my own machine shop to aid in making jigs and fixtures
  • Finishing to a higher grade of perfection on aerospace, and marine paints
  • Maintaining building systems, planning and constructing industrial electrical systems
  • Designing, constructing, and repairing hydraulic systems


  • High School
  • Technical School
  • 40+ year experience in project management
  • Hands on experience building and maintaining structures
  • School of hard knocks